Our Officers

President: Mark Piglia
[email protected]
(504) 495-1885

Vice President: Pat Lis
[email protected]
(773) 671-1246

Vice President of Health and Safety: Hunter Scott
[email protected]
(205) 617-1221

Secretary: Drew Gillis
[email protected]
(603) 809-8900

Marshal: Bennett Verona
[email protected]
(412) 638-3171

Chaplain: Jack Parks
[email protected]
(615) 519-5094

Treasurer: Brendan Healy
[email protected]
(631) 559-4200

House Manager: John Connell
[email protected]
(404) 295-6331

Social Chairman: Reid Owens
[email protected]
(615) 521-9203

Rush Chairman: Nick Slay
[email protected]
(985) 264-9630

Scholarship Chair: Cade Boseck
[email protected]
(256) 714-4408

House Mother

The House Mother of Alpha Phi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity is Ms. Kathy Murphy. "Aunt Kathy" is a loving and devoted house mother who spends a great deal of time ensuring the chapter house looks beautiful, managing the kitchen staff and meal program, and taking care of the brothers. She is an integral part of day-to-day life at Theta Chi, and both the undergraduates and alumnus brothers are forever grateful for her love and support. Aunt Kathy has served in the role of house mother since 2007 and is originally from Birmingham. 

Campus Involvement

Alpha Phi Chapter brothers posing with House Mother "Aunt Kathy" for the 2016 Christmas photo



Our brothers' involvement on campus, 2016:

Honor Societies - 40 Brothers - Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma, Order of Alpha, Order of Omega, Golden Key International Honor, Cardinal Key, NSCS, Golden Key, Blue Key, Lambda Sigma, Phi Theta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa

The JASONS Society – Senior Mens' Honor Society - Adam Brandau, Will Maddox, Daniel Dziadon

SGA – Tyler Portanova, Jared Hunter, Chad David Jasso, Ben Waldsmith, Will Parks, Drew Williams, Peyton Mcdougal

Capstone Men and Women - Jack Fenimore

Greek Ambassadors – Chad David Jasso, Will Parks, Drew Williams