Our Executive Officers
President: Matt McGuigan
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Studying: Finance, Economics, Real Estate
Cell: (256) 603-2189
[email protected]
Vice President: Dylan Pirtle
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Studying: Biology, Pre-Med
Cell: (817) 240-4811
[email protected]
Treasurer: Chris Miller-Hill
Franklin, TN
Studying: Finance, Economics
(615) 775-2487
Secretary: Ryan Beachnau
Hometown: LaGrange, GA
Studying: Nutrition
Cell: (706) 302-8995
[email protected]
VP Health & Safety: Will Christopher
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Studying: Commerce, Business Administration
Cell: (205) 914-7707
[email protected]
Marshal: Avery Cybul
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Studying: Finance, Value Investment
Cell: (770) 262-9014
Chaplain & Philanthropy Chairman: Wake Allen
Hometown: Auburn, AL
Studying: Commerce, Business Administration
Cell: (334) 559-1699
[email protected]
Head Rush Chairman: Michael Gurley
Birmingham, AL
Studying: Business
(205) 396-8888
[email protected]
Social Chairman: Watson Kimel
Hometown: Forsyth County, GA
Studying: Marketing
Cell: (678) 787-9786
[email protected]
Asst. Social Chairman, Social Media Chairman: Connor Henderson
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Studying: Operations and Supply Chain Management
Cell: (256) 698-8568
[email protected]
Historian: Andre Flores
Huntsville, AL
Studying: Economics, Pre-Law
Cell: (256) 503-9010
Alumni Chairman: Hank Fogle
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Studying: Management Information Systems, Finance
Cell: (469) 766-4332
[email protected]
House Mother
The House Mother of Alpha Phi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity is Ms. Kathy Murphy. "Aunt Kathy" is a loving and devoted house mother who spends a great deal of time ensuring the chapter house looks beautiful, managing the kitchen staff and meal program, and taking care of the brothers. She is an integral part of day-to-day life at Theta Chi, and both the undergraduates and alumnus brothers are forever grateful for her love and support. Aunt Kathy has served in the role of house mother since 2007 and is originally from Birmingham. 
Campus Involvement
Alpha Phi Chapter brothers posing with House Mother "Aunt Kathy" for the 2020 Christmas photo
Our brothers' involvement on campus, 2020-2021:
Honor Societies - 40 Brothers - Alpha Lambda Delta, Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma, Order of Alpha, Order of Omega, Golden Key International Honor, Cardinal Key, NSCS, Golden Key, Blue Key, Lambda Sigma, Phi Theta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa
The JASONS Society – Senior Mens' Honor Society - John Connell, Hunter Scott
SGA – Hunter Scott, Matt Randel, Bobby Gabriel, Matthew Roy, Cade Boseck, Phil Bruni, Logan Whelchel, Gage Girod, Andrew Weisenfeld, Colin Marcum
IFC – Drew Gillis, Bobby Gabriel, Matt McGuigan, James Hutcheson
Capstone Men and Women - Stephen Guerrero
Greek Ambassadors – Cade Boseck, Quentin Rummo, Andrew Weisenfeld, Thomas Doughtery